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This is a ridiculously broad question but since you asked. At what point/age does activity like running become more destructive than strengthening? I’m late 60s, a runner most of my life. I’ve not run as much recently. I’m lucky in that I’m healthy and physically sound. Will running mostly wear me out faster now? I’ve always enjoyed the soreness that follows some exercise and figured it means I’m getting stronger. Does it mean that anymore or am I just wearing things out? TIA.

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I have no topic suggestions or questions but just wanted to say that I agree, Morocco is unreal and I really hope you brought a bike with you! Riding in the Atlas Mountains is 🤯. I was there in Oct and about to hit ‘publish’ on another post about my experience there... 🤗

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I'll start specific and end broad -- I've been starting to see chatter online about the benefits of fenugreek, and there actually seems to be a bit of science behind it. What are your thoughts about this particular supplement and -- told you I'd get broad -- about herbal supplements in general? How do you go about vetting those, and are there any in particular you love/hate?

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